Query subcategories in category page


could anyone support on the displaying subcategories on the category page dinamically using query? I tried a lot of combinations and watched tutorials, but cannot do that.

Hi @slekstut,

I’ll try and add some archive related dynamic values so one can access them more easily, as they should be available.

In the meantime, might I propose:

And your shortcode:

// Function to retrieve the term ID of the current category
function get_current_category_id()
    $current_category = get_queried_object();

// Check if the current category is an instance of WP_Term
    if ($current_category instanceof WP_Term) {
        $category_id = $current_category->term_id;
        return $category_id;
// Register shortcode and associate it with the 'get_current_category_id' function
add_shortcode('cc_current_term_id', 'get_current_category_id');

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@Louis thanks for your suggestion. I am set parameters as you provided. But cannot insert short code. Paragraph in query template is not cwicly block with settings. How and where to insert the shortcode?

I guess shortcode should be as shown in docs:

Hi @slekstut,

You’ll want to add the shortcode code I provided above using a code snippet plugin such as Code Snippets – WordPress plugin | WordPress.org.


Hi @slekstut,

I see that @Louis has already answered this. Just in case you need more information, I put together a tip, to give you a overview of the different ways you can add your shortcode definition and any other custom code:

I hope this makes it clearer.


Thanks for your support. But I cannot get why it is not working? I did shortcode with wpcodebox plugin. Published the code. Enabled. But in editor I cannot add any element to query template. Or it’s not the way to do it?

Somehow I made it work. I think because added more taxonomies in the query editor (as per image below). Editor shows all subcategories but in the preview page it shows okay. When I enter another category page, subcategories are correct.

Thanks again!

Any ideas how to make that subcategories a links dynamically redirecting to subcategory page?