Query shows double postings

I’m seeing double posts after inserting the Query block and Query Template, is there something wrong with my settings?

Hi @Takeru,

That sounds unusual.
Is this a new installation?

I am using Japanese, could language be a problem?
I used to get more “index” every time I regenerated the html, and I still have this problem.

No the language should not be a problem.

Can you confirm you have regenerated the HTML?
If yes, have you modified the index template?

The current state of the site is a test site in a local environment.
Only the header was created briefly, but the rest of the template has not been touched.
I am attaching a screenshot of the template after regenerating the HTML for reference.

I have removed this each time using the plugin below.

Hello @Takeru,

I’m not quite sure I understand properly here. I see multiple index templates?

You’re pointing to the first one, but it seems that you have the default one active (below with the blue dot).
Could you possibly take a screenshot of that template block list?


I do not understand what you are saying. Sorry.
Except for the blue dot template, I did not create it manually, it was created by itself during HTML regeneration.
I have mentioned the topic before.

(I see this is out of sync with the original topic content)

That is understood.

Have you applied conditions to the custom index template?

No, nothing is applied.


Can you possibly send temporary access to support@cwicly.com so we can take a look at it?


I will try.
By the way, it does not show double on the edit screen.

I sent you the site details.
Please check it out.

Not sure if this is the same Bug?

I also have a clean install and the site content is shown double. This happens on my end in the Index Template, when my post content is contained in a Section.


If I move the content out of the section everything is normal.


Hello @T-low,

This normally only happens on a clear install when no HTML (or index template save) has been done.
It shouldn’t appear after that.

This should be fixed with the latest Cwicly versions that use native WordPress rendering.

If you still experience this issue, I’d really appreciate it if you could let me know by replying to this thread.​