Query From Repeater

Hi, I have an ACF repeater, that creates for each row the following:


Now I created a page with the following block structure:


Linking the Repeater to the correct Source.
For the Header 1 I use the dynamic data from the ACF group previously created.
Selecting the repeater and the field and there I have my title :+1:


But how should I Query for the Relationship that is placed in each field?
I tried to only include the fields that were selected in the relationship, but I could not reach the repeater field.

I also tried some meta querying but that didn’t work out for me either.

I created the three ACF fields in the repeater multiple times outside of the repeater and that works fine with the include post method… but that doesn’t work for me, as I must create multiple ACF fields and multiple queries as well.

My problem is that I can’t reach the relation inside the repeater.

Is this possible by using something like {acf_group_field=yourgrouphere=yourfieldhere}?
Is this at all possible?

Hi, did you ever get a response to this? I’m trying to do something similar, where I have a repeaters for each service, and each service has a title, description and is linked to a client testimonial. I can’t for the life of me figure out how to query the testimonial from inside the repeater.

Hi @mariaarangokure,
so far there has been no answer. But somewhere there should be a request for adding a repeater in the field “Include post” field… Well, I was not able to find that request :sweat_smile:


Was wrong about the content… I was thinking of this:
Get ACF value from Option page to Query editor
So a new request might make sense, unless one could offer a solution to this issue.

Something like this:

Where you then select the field of the repeater.

I went with a different solution at the moment where I created a custom post type for the services and then referenced that with a relationship on the client side (depending on your setup). This is a little more work because you have to create the services separately instead of a list (repeater).