Get ACF value from Option page to Query editor

Hi, lately I started to mess around with query editor dynamic options. I think it would be great to be able to create custom interfaces for editors (ACF option pages) to control how queries behave. For examle I think it would be great to be able to set “Include Posts” from admin or even Item per page from Range slider. As far as I know we are missing only field to set source from an Option page to set this up.

Also (less important) I thought it would be great to have an option to get value from certain row of repeater mainly first and last.
Use case: Simple notice board repeater on a clinic booking site. If you would like to display newest addition as a standalone banner or notice you have now two option:

  1. Create second repeater and display: none all elements except one via :not(:first-child or :last-child) sellectors. This method works but its not efficient.
  2. Create stand alone ACF field and write the notice twice. Also works but its not as nice of an experience for editors. (clients)
  3. Find your way around ACF repeater/option page the_field() functions. (I couldn’t get it to run.)

I think this would open up a lot of opportunities also for a social proof purposes. Get to now our newest team member, display last clients logo or whatever…

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Hi @AdrianVrtel,
I would love this option.

For those who don’t know ACF Options Pages here the LINK to ACF.

I already tried a lot of (pure cwicly) approaches to get data with a query from an ACF options pages but was only able to achieve this by using repeaters. I think the location field from the repeater would also be a nice addition for the query block.

Hi there,
has this already been implemented in any way?

If not, is there an alternative solution? Like creating a meta query as a reference to the options page?