Pages editable from site editor?

Curious question. With WordPress 6.3, you’re able to edit pages from the Site Editor.

I’ve noticed with Cwicly though that you can’t actually edit the page content. Anything you click on asks if you want to edit the template that the page is using.

Is this intentional?

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Hello @sunny,

Thanks for bringing this up, I was going to make a post about it at some time.

Unfortunately this is something Gutenberg prevents us from doing as they have hardcoded their Content block as editable inside the editor, without providing any hooks. The Cwicly Post Content block is ready to accept edits etc. but can’t bypass this restriction.

However, using the core Content block will allow you to achieve this and Cwicly blocks are compatible with this use (linked classes etc.).

Hopefully we can have this available for WordPress 6.3.1 if the Gutenberg team provide some type of filter.



Ah, thanks for clearing that up!

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