CSS Regeneration fails when editing site in website editor

Hey there,

the new wordpress Version brought as the ability to switch between sites and templates within the editor when using the website-editor.

However, when editing a Site inside the website-editor it seems that it doesn’t regenerate the CSS for that site.

When I hit save all the styles appear inside the editor (also if i open the site editor the “normal” way), but i have to hit update to trigger the CSS Regeneration when editing the site accessed via the “Pages” menu.

Hope it’s understandable what I mean! :wink:


Another thing here.

It seems that I am unable to edit any content when using the cwicly “post content” block instead of the native gutenberg block content block!

Hey @Wolfgang.

I think this has already been brought up.
You can read more about it here.


Oh sorry I didn’t look that up, just throwed it here cause I thought it’s somehow related to that topic. But thanks for referencing it!!

Hello there @Wolfgang,

Sorry to hear you’re having trouble here.
I’m not quite sure I fully understand where you’re having trouble exactly, my apologies!

Could you possibly define what you mean by:

  • Sites
  • Templates
  • Website-editor

If possible, as small screencast of what you’re experiencing would be great.

Thanks in advance.


Hey @Louis ,

yeah - i should make that screencast by default - makes things easier indeed! :smiley:

Here is the first one, regarding the CSS Regeneration:

And here’s the 2nd one regarding any content inside the so called “website editor”:

Cheers Wolfgang

Hello @Wolfgang,

Thank you for the very clear screencasts.

I can confirm that there is currently an issue with the CSS file generation for the edited post/page when inside the Site Editor.
We’ll make sure to have this fixed in the next release.

As for the Post Content block not being editable, as @Marius pointed out, this is currently out of our hands as content modification is being blocked by Gutenberg without any hook allowing blocks other than “core/content” to modify the loaded post/page.
This will hopefully be possible in the next WordPress release.

Thanks once again for your time and patience.


Hi @Wolfgang,

Thank you for taking the time to report this!

With 1.3, this should now be fixed.
Kindly let us know if this is the case on your end.

Thank you.

Hey @Araminta ,

yep - seems to work good (did a quick test)!

Thanks for the fix! :slight_smile: