<p> tag missing in WYSIWYG editor

Using ACF field with WYSIWYG editor - p tag not showing

I noticed in my blog posts the line spacing has disappeared from the text area content. Not sure when this happened. Looking at the post WYSIWYG area, in the text view there is no p tags to be seen. Changing it to another option like h1 works and h1 tags show. Changing it back to paragraphs does nothing. I’ve tried adding the p tags manually but the disappear after updating the page. Seems like the p tag is being stripped out

chrome-capture-2024-2-3 (1)

  • WordPress version: 6.4.3
  • Cwicly Plugin version:

Just need to check what you are referring to specifically.

Firstly, ACF uses WPs AutoP by default for WYSIWYG fields:

So, you won’t see them in the source text when editing, which is normal for WordPress.

If you are saying they are not appearing in the frontend, that’s a different thing entirely.

Thanks for the quick reply. So the p tags don’t show in the WYSIWYG editor. got it. I’ve had a look on the discourse but can’t find instruction on how to add margin to post content.
Looking at a post page css with chrome inspector I can see this in the base.css:
p {

  1. margin: 0;

Turning it off gives it the padding I’m looking to add.

How to I add margin to the post content p tag? with relative styles? is there some screen grabs of the settings?

The answer is different depending on whether you are using Tailwind or not.

Please see this thread for details about how to do this without Tailwind using Global Classes and Relative Styles:

Please see this tip to do this with Tailwind using Shells and Arbitrary Variants:

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Been through these pages suggested. can’t see any solution sorry. Looking at the Cwicly docs:

I see there is an option to edit the paragraph under global elements, however my dashboard does not have the paragraph icon below the elements tab. old version maybe? screen grab from the docs:

My current dashboard (no paragrah icon visible)

Screenshot 2024-03-03 at 10.29.43 PM

Can you explain how to add margin to blog post p tags.
Note I am using ACF fields for the post content and not the Cwicly ‘Post Content’ block

The solution can be the same regardless of whether you are applying it to the Post Content block or any container that you don’t have direct control over (such as user content containing paragraphs and headings from ACF fields).

If you are not using Tailwind, please follow the guidance in the first posts and you can achieve it using a Global Class containing relative styles.