Order top, right, bottom, left or

Isn’t it possible to display the same order in all the forms were these settings appear.


Hi @weedor,

Thanks for bringing this up.
Indeed, equilibrating the orders to make them more cohesive is definitely something to fix.

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The current set up seems like a good solution to this as these properties don’t serve the same purpose in my opinion.

What do you think @weedor?

It should really be consistent across all inputs of this kind, whatever the order is.
Even if it is not the same purpose, the input fields represent the same locations (top, bottom, etc.).

Maybe to remove ambiguities, a layout representing the actual locations could be adopted.
Here are examples in Bricks and Oxygen:



I’m not saying they are perfect, and I actually don’t like any of them because inputs are not wide enough to appreciate values (for instance with calc() or var() stuff), but at least they remove all ambiguity because they look like what they mean.

Something similar and better could easily be done in Cwicly, keeping wide enough inputs:



I would like to bring this back into the conversation.

Our team all have had a similar experience, after hours of using Cwicly, even with muscle memory, this is providing an inconsistent experience.

We agree with @yankiara’s suggested approach 100%, as this removes all ambiguity and visually agrees with the mental image of the box model.

When you are working long days, any small time saving can make a big difference and any advantage can help a lot.

This positive change would reduce any unnecessary conscious thinking about which box relates to what side and we would very much like to see it implemented.

Consistency with other builders is not the significant factor because Cwicly already differentiates itself in the ways that matter most, this is simply about providing the optimal intuitive user experience for Cwicly developers and editors.