Option to disable scrolling when nav modal open

When you have a modal enabled for your nav block, the page behind it is still scrollable.

Especially when the modal is full screen, this means that the user can scroll down the page without knowing it, and away from your close icon.

Would be useful to have an option to disable page scrolling when the modal is open.

Hello @sunny,

Thanks for bringing this up.
It didn’t make it to the release so will definitely be included in the coming updates.


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I would love to see a (body) class based, instead of an inline style solution, similar to this suggestion.

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Thanks for the request once again, @sunny.
This was added in

@Marius, thanks for the reminder on body classes.



Thanks for also adding an additional class which is unrelated to the page scroll option.
Much appreciated @Louis :+1:

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The fast pace of updates is incredible.

Thanks @Louis

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That’s much better now. You’re a wizard @Louis.