Oops! Grid editor stuck on top of screen


I don’t really know how I got there but my grid editor is stuck like this

When I reload the page, the grid modal will be closed but unfortunately,t when I reopen it, it opens at the same spot and I can’t access to the top and move it around…


I was about to record a quick video how to fix it, and suddenly my Grid Editor was entiely gone. :melting_face:
Took me a couple of tries, but could tame it eventually.

Hope it helps in the meantime.

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Thanks @Marius !
Playing with the top position allowed me to restore access to the Grid editor :pray:
for now…

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Hey @JuGa,

Sorry about that.
We’ll add a check to make sure the modals are always in the viewport.

Glad you got it fixed temporarily!

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Thank you so much

Greatly appreciated!


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Thanks for your patience, @JuGa.

This should be addressed in

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