Object Position (for Images)

Adding the object-position property to position images inside containers, preferably with the ability to set custom values.

At least for the image block this should be available (inside the primary’s tab).


Hi @Marius,

This was added to the Image block in

We’ve made the choice to limit the entry to two values. If you find this limiting or have specific needs for another format, I’d be grateful if you could give a few more details.

Thanks for the request :slight_smile:

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Hey @Louis.

Just tested things out and I really like what I see.
For me, the two value way is totally sufficient. No limitation or compromise.
The custom values are an important factor to me, thanks for meeting my expectations here.

The quick control is something I was about to add to the initial suggestion but decided against it in the end (more out of laziness).
Really happy to see it.

Just 2 very minor things if you don’t mind.

  • The active position of the quick control could receive a dedicated color inside the dark mode
  • When resetting the values via the blue dot, the active position inside the quick control does not reset
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