Normalizing CSS presets, Global Stylesheets, Variable Fonts, etc

Hello friends. Still familiarizing myself with WP, FSE, Blocks, and Cwicly… to that end, a few Global CSS questions:

  1. Is it possible to edit Cwicly’s default ‘Normalize’ presets directly? Or perhaps a way to disable them and roll my own?

  2. For example… what would be the best practice in Cwicly for adding a custom font-size directly to the HTML tag?

…I like to use the 62.5% trick for managing font sizes.

  1. I want to use Roboto Flex (a variable font face), which accepts any font-weight from 100 to 1000… But Cwicly’s UI does not allow for uncommon font-weight settings (e.g. a manual entry of 550 always resets to 500 in the Cwicly block settings panel).

I’m guessing all three issues could be solved by adding a new Global stylesheet… but Cwicly already loads a bunch of stylesheets. And rather than loading even more new code to overwrite Cwicly’s defaults, I’d prefer to adjust the defaults from the start.

BTW… Do we have a comprehensive list of all the Cwicly CSS defaults?

What’s the smartest (most performant) way to tackle this stuff?


Hey there @JasonRX.

That just came up recently, feel free to vote for it and/or add your thoughts directly there:

The custom font/icon area will receive an update in the future, make sure to vote for that particular feature as well:

Maybe this can hint you a bit:

Since the global typography settings will get added to the body, you’d need to add that manually, for example via global stylesheet inside the editor.

Hope that helps.
Welcome to the community :v: :partying_face:


@Marius Brilliant reply. Thank you. Great to know Cwicly is adopting such a developer-friendly tool (and attracting a user base to match). I’ll follow up in the threads you mentioned.

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