One Click Google to Local Font

Zion Builder allows you to select all the Google Fonts from the builder. Selected font will be automatically downloaded to the site and referenced locally. It’s privacy + ease of use.

There also could be an option which only let’s you select your local fonts inside the builder.
Google Fonts dropdown list could just be removed/disabled.

Due to GDPR concerns and compliance being able to host Google Fonts locally is basically a must so this is pretty important however it’s implemented.

It’s already possible.
This topic is about the ability to choose Google Fonts and convert them to local fonts with a simple click.

The custom fonts area will receive some improvements in the future, FYI.

I have changed the title to reflect the nature of request properly.

@Marius Thanks!

I figured it out by downloading the files locally to my computer and then uploading them as a font set through the “settings”. It took some converting and changing the file extension from a woff to a woff2 but it’s working now.


A friend suggested this approach for the fonts. Posting it here for the reference.

In short they need the ability to upload multiple fonts in a single upload and with auto assigning the sizes.



I use this snippet for all my Oxygen sites and it’s been amazing. I just upload all my font files at once and I’m done.

Nice share!

We are working on a font/icon manager (editing/uploading from the editor directly) which will also integrate one click Google font downloads, which should make things a lot simpler for everyone.


I am really looking forward for a font upload solution. Hopefully one where we dont need to assign every single weight and style and fonts not showing up in Media Library later. .eot, .ttf, .woff, .woff2, .svg can get very time intense and fill up the library if you want to add a full set of fonts. (My font set is about 1k files).
Another point i would love to bring up - variable fonts. Would also be nice to see them included!
Looking forward to get this in same nice way as things handled here!


Yes this is a must have feature and as far as I know, no builder has a native tool currently to make google fonts local other than manually. This will help Cwicly stand out from the competition.

I assume you were not aware that Zion Builder has such a feature.

Yes correct, I wasn’t aware.

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Hi @Louis, I just create a One Click Google to Local font plugin that integrates well with Cwicly. LINK


  • google font import (self-hosted + GDPR-compliant)
  • no coding! no SFTP!
  • variable fonts support
  • subsets support
  • Live Preview

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