Newbie question pages and conditionals

Just getting my head around Cwicly coming from Oxygen.

  1. Are all pages with Cwicly templates? I can’t find any documentation on WP pages. If I just want a one off static page with a unique design like About Us with the global header/footer can I just create a WP page and style? Or should I create a template? Or apply a general page template like Oxygen?

  2. Visibility conditions. How would I have a global header/footer set but exclude them from some pages? Tried and failed lol. For example I just followed the coming soon and maintenance tutorial and when I have the coming soon page set I don’t want the global header/footer showing.


Hi @Brendon,

  1. I’m not sure if the way I do it is the right way but it works for me (In the beginning I was confused as well).
    So usually I would suggest using the default WP pages. For all pages I create a template called pages. In it is only a section with the main-Tag and the Post Content block.
    For the front page I also use the template but only because there is an option for that^^. I think it doesn’t matter.
    Recently I had a case where I made an About page where I wanted to give the client an easy way to change the text. In this case I created a template for the About page and put some custom fields on the WP page. So when the client wants to change some text he can edit the page without the need to mess with the whole layout.
    Hope this makes sense.
  2. First you set your header to Show if -> All then exclude any page with Don't show if -> ACF -> ACF Group Name -> ACF Field. Since you mentioned the maintenance tutorial I assume you created the ACF Options page. In this case you need to select the location Options:

Regarding the page template I mentioned. The reason I create it is only because I want to have the section on every page. When I put this in the default page template I don’t have to worry about it when creating a new page.
I don’t use the index template for this because I give my index template my site wide default max content width. And that’s not useful when working with pages because that means that full width sections are not possible.

Thanks Jonas.

I’m still confused about pages and templates but I did what you said initially with the conditionals (see attached) but it does the opposite it hides it from everywhere except the coming soon page.

Hi @Brendon,

Your image looks correct for a basic conditional. If that is hiding it everywhere except when showing the coming soon template, then that suggests there may be an issue with the way you set up the ACF fields.

An alternative way to do it, which may work better if you want to hide the header/footer from both a coming soon template and a maintenance template is something like this:

Screenshot 2023-05-29 at 02.54.46
Screenshot 2023-05-29 at 02.55.02

This uses double negation, to not show the footer when it is not “off” (meaning it will not show when it is either comingsoon or maintenance).

Another nice addition, is always showing the header and footer for administrators (especially if you are also allowing the administrator to bypass the coming soon template).

Thanks Strange Tech. Tried that as well but still no luck.

I think the custom field is ok because its all works ok.

I made it so the coming soon template doesn’t show for admins and works fine I see the frontpage and incognito the coming soon shows.

However for the header I’ve tried everything I can think of, even don’t show if you aren’t an admin but in incognito it still shows the header no matter what I do.

Perhaps doublecheck that the template that is being used doesn’t also contain the header.

And failing that, perhaps it could be some sort of caching issue.

Thanks, was thinking its a caching issue but disabled all cache and still didn’t work.

I’ve done a whole bunch of tests including deleting everything and doing it again and its not working how I thought it would. When the formula below is set and Coming Soon is on then it removes it from everywhere no matter what I do.

What I would like is for it just to be removed from Coming Soon so must be another way maybe?

I forgot to mention that you need to put the Exclude Type to “OR”

I’m not sure about that. I just remember that it is that way on my site. Will check later when I’m on the PC again.

Also what if you just exclude your Coming Soon Page? So remove the exclude Type for your ACF and only exclude if → single → Page → your page (I’m not on the pc at the moment so it might be a bit different)

Thanks, yeah tried changing the exclude type but didn’t work.

Excluding the page is a good idea and tested that and it works. Only thing is its not a page its a template following the Cwicly tutorial Coming Soon and Maintenance Page - YouTube

Brings me back to my first question about when and how to use WP pages over templates.

Yeah for the Coming Soon Page you definitely need the template. Forgot about that one.
Will try it myself later.

Could you be a bit more specific regarding the WP page and Template question?

It appears that this is only possible when you first exclude and then include like this:

It would probably be a good idea to add the option to reorder the Show/Hide Conditions.

Appreciate the help. Tried exactly that still no luck. It seems to ignore the second condition. I’m not sure how to add the reorder option?

With Cwicly I wasn’t sure for general static pages when to use a template or when to use a wordpress page. Can’t find any documentation on wp pages vs templates.

The reorder option doesn’t exist at the moment it was meant as a suggestion to Cwicly :slight_smile:

Very strange that this doesn’t work for you. Now I’m on the go again so I’d be happy to try to help you out later today or tomorrow.

For the templates just use the normal WP pages. Only if you think a template would be beneficial use a template. My example was the About page I created a while ago. It had a repeater, text fields and some images. I used all these fields in my Template for the About page so my client can change easily text and images. So in this case a template was the way to go for me.
But other than that I almost always just use default WP pages. There is no need to create a template.

@Brendon, Did you confirm this? Just making sure that the header is not actually embedded in the template being as that would cause the issue also.

I added a feature request for reordering as well as per condition AND/OR usage as I was planning to anyway regarding some more complex visibility requirements using more granular logical control.


Yes checked and its blank.

Great, good idea would be useful.

Perfect thanks, that’s exactly what I wanted to know regarding pages. I couldn’t find any documentation or videos that specifically mentioned pages so wasn’t sure.