Navigator multi-select

The navigator is a huge improvement on the native one in Gutenberg. I have no idea why core don’t implement this!

However, the one thing I cannot figure out is how to select multiple blocks at once, like you can in the core List View. I use this a lot, for example when wanting to drop a dozen paragraphs into a container.

How is this done? It must be possible, right?


A work around is to wrap them in a div an copy the div. Sorted :wink:

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Ahh, so it’s not me then. That’s a shame! Hope it come soon, it’s really bugging me :rofl:

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You can still use the List View for that in the meantime :sunglasses:

@Graphnic No you have not gone mad lol it’s just one of those things. You’ll get in the habit of wrapping them in organised divs which actually isn’t a bad idea :grinning:

Yeah, that’s what I have been doing. I just thought I was missing something! I’m guessing it’s more complex to implement than it would seem, as it’s such as obvious feature.

So if I have 10 paragraph blocks, how would with wrap them, retrospectively?

I think you can also shift+click them on the canvas if you happen to have them all in order.