Navigator - Shift click multiple items + drag/drop

Just throwing this one with complete patience and understanding.

I think the drag/drop may be very complex to do as we’re dealing with wrappers and possibly the reason why the shift click was not introduced.

If it is a potential easy implementation, then why not the shift click as a starter? After woocommerce I mean :wink:
Use case : I sometimes find the need to “delete” (or better yet : “move”) many things at once as a group.
I’m becoming old and lazy and don’t want to miss visual studio code :smiley:


This is mainly for efficiency reason, to select several items at once and e.g. delete them in one click. This is possible with the normal Gutenberg navigator, and should be possible with Cwicly in the same way, see screenshot:


I agree with this. Upvoted.


As mentioned by @Louis:

Eagerly awaiting multiple block selection for drag/drop and copy/paste.

There are existing requests with a dozen combined unique votes.

For the purpose of combining/linking them:

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Also for wrapping multiple Elements into another block this would be very nice.

And also right-click “convert to >…”
Mostly for texts. Examples:

  • text > heading
  • heading > div
  • text > rich text

But can also work for other elements:

  • div > section
  • section > container

Added in 1.4.1!:

What an absolute work of art the new Navigator is!!! @Louis, you have truly nailed it.

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Multiple select with drag/drop added in 1.4.1!:

Navigator bulk select added in 1.4.1!:

How you can do multi-select?

@antonijo01 Shift + click the blocks in the Navigator.

Can we select multiple individual items?
Like we do with ctrl/cmd + click in the OS?

Shift + click does exactly what to expect.

Looks like Cmd+click is not functional and it is not possible to select non-contiguous blocks currently.

That said, this doesn’t seem to be supported in the Gutenberg List view either.

Will be a nice addition if possible.

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Thanks for confirming @StrangeTech.
Not sure if it makes sense to create a dedicated feature request for it, although this one is implemented now.

But will do, if this will be labeled as done, rather than in-progress.


Hi @AnthonyKeller,

Thank you for sharing this!

With 1.4.1, you can now select multiple items at a time with shift+click:

Moving to done.

Thank you for sharing this, @Marius!

This sounds like a nice idea however as Gutenberg doesn’t currently support this functionality, we prefer waiting for their implementation.
As soon as they do support it, we’ll be sure to add it the Navigator.

Thank you for your understanding.