Navigator - improvements

  1. Multi select and move items inside navigator
    Very useful when it is necessary to move (change the location) of several elements from the same level.

It would be useful (because we use TW) to enable the multi select of items in the navigator to somehow display the same utility classes that these elements use, so that it is possible to modify them on several items at the same time.

2.An icon that enables the complete deletion of all items in the navigator.
Currently, to delete all items, you need to select them one by one and delete them.
Let’s say the Bricks builder has the commands copy, all paste all and delete all at the top of its navigator.


  1. Ability to copy items from one tab to another. Let’s say if I have a template and page open and I want to copy blocks from the tree on one page and transfer them to another page. Currently not possible (correct me if I’m wrong).


While it is true that using the navigator to do this would be awesome, you can achieve everything you mentioned in the editor canvas:

  • select multiple (contiguous) blocks with mouse or SHIFT key
  • delete all selection with block contextual menu or DEL or SHIFT-ALT-Z
  • copy paste selection across tabs with contextual menu or CTRL-C/V

Though I admit multiple selection is very limited since it seems only blocks in one container can be selected, and that it is a bit tedious, but we have to cope with Gutenberg :wink:

This already has a feature request (+ a couple of existing duplicates):

This should already work perfectly, unless I am not understanding your requirements.

@antonijo01 you can copy a div that will include anything in it and paste it to any page or post.

These improvements along with many others are included in 1.4.1!:

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