Multilingual compatibility

Please make Cwicly compatible with WPML, TranslatePress or Polylang (or even better some native translation setup).

Hi Niklas,

Welcome to the forum! Did you check the thread? Multilanguage Websites?

Cwicly’s multilingual compatibility is pretty good after the recent updates.

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with WPML there are quite a lot of issues yet, as you described and I prefer WPML over the other solutions due to features (and Cwicly has more compatibility problems with other Plugins I’m using at the moment). As the thread was more of a question than a roadmap suggestion I opened this one so others can upvote, if they want. :slight_smile:

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Hi @Trpr0423,

Would really appreciate if you have some time to share what’s not working out for you so we can get it fixed on our side :slight_smile:

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The main problems as of now are that Cwicly blocks are not recognized in the translation editor and the website gets a critical error, if I want to include the language switcher in the menu natively (with shortcode it works).

@Trpr0423 Can you post screenshot of the translation editor? Are you using the classic editor?

Sorry, my bad. Had tested it maybe two weeks ago and didn’t check again. Now the translation at least is working. Good job! :slight_smile:

@Trpr0423 Yes. It became compatible 17 days ago with the rendering change. 1.2.7

Update cycle is pretty fast with Cwicly as you might have noticed. There are 7 updates after it already. That update felt pretty old already. Haha!


Adding a language switcher through wpml settings still causes a 503 error. Is there any roadmap to fix this?