Multilanguage Websites?

Is it possible to use Cwicly on multilang sites? Which translation plugin is compatible?

tried WPML - was a mess. Translatepress seems to work okay because of its nature of frontend based translation.

@michelyweb How did your multi lingual adventures went? Was it a success? Have you tried Polylang?

No chance with WPML. Did not try polylang because I think it works the same way technically.

Thanks for the update. Possible to explain the issues in detail?

@Louis I have tested with WPML right now. WPML is not able to detect the content from Cwicly blocks. It’s able to detect fine from native gutenberg blocks and custom pinegrow gutenberg block. May be you can check what needs to be done for integrating with WPML? WPML is the most successful translation plugin in WP Universe. It cannot be ignored.

I use another block plugin which is trying to integrate WPML support. May be reading this helps. WPML support · Issue #256 · nk-crew/lazy-blocks · GitHub

I reply to follow as I’m very interested in this as well

I am not sure how Pinegrow blocks are translatable without WPML support. I think it’s due to they relying on the e for translation.

WPML support can also be added via config files.

Hi @dranzer,

I think there are two different functions you are linking to.

The first one is the ability for a user to translate the content inside Cwicly blocks. The second one is the ability to translate the Cwicly plugin itself.

Everything is set up for the latter option, and ready to use with the translation files we have provided at

As for translating content within our blocks, we will be reaching out to WPML.


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Hi @Louis,

Thanks for your prompt reply. Nice to know you will reach out WPML for the integration. A few friends are interested in using Cwicly as their development tool as they are very impressed with it. Only thing holding them back is WPML support as they use Elementor + WPML right now. Clients won’t be interested for a move from Ele to Cwicly without WPML support. WPML makes it very easy for anybody to translate the content without duplicating the page and it supports also fse templates which most translation plugin lack.

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@Louis I am really sorry to disturb you again. I couldn’t help but investigate more due to my curiosity to get WPML working with Cwicly. I noticed that the supported block plugins for WPML output normal html unlike json / uri encoding of content like Cwicly. I can understand why you are rendering like this - to avoid block recovery mechanism.

It was not supported 2 years back as per WPML.

I think the case might be the same even now and it might not be easy to get it working. I am sure you will figure out something. I will stop looking into it now. Thanks!

@michelyweb Louis changed the rendering system in 1.2.7. Now WPML is fully compatible.


Thanks for pointing that out @dranzer. We’re now in contact with WPML to reach full compatibility, and also work towards removing dynamic tags that slip in the translation content.


@Louis Will we be able to translate dynamic content? I am personally liking Translatepress more now a days as it’s easy for client to translate from front-end and it works irrespective of the type of data.

Just to follow this topic, curious to know how it is going to work with wpml.