More immersive editing experience for global classes

Global classes are supper useful, but the most immersive design formation experience obviously exists directly on a block itself. It’s not uncommon therefore, in my flow of formulating a design, to want to take the settings from a local block and “promote” them to a global class that is (obviously) then available to style blocks site-wide. Conversely, it’s not uncommon to want to create a variation of a prior global style, so “converting/copying” the settings from a global class into a local block could help to complete the circle of this workflow.

In the same vein, it would be incredibly useful to be able to edit the settings associated with a global class directly from a block where it’s assigned. I envision this working the same way that the “Relative Styling” settings pop-up over the standard settings sidebar, with the difference being that it provide as “shortcut” into the global class settings (and can be dismissed in the same way).

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@avunu You can practically do that (I mean to “promote” a local class to a global class) by copy - pasting the styles. (both from local to global or in revers)

As workflow, it’s probably more to what you are used to. In a sense the current structure promotes a more organized way of working with classes. (think of it like building your own css framework)

Just in case it was missed the global classes can be accessed from the place it was/is assigned. Just need to click the class to open it.

I think everything is already possible.
There might be space for improvement though.

What are you suggesting to make things better @avunu?

Double-clicking the class name takes care of the editing navigation suggestion, especially with the new 1.1.6 interface. However there are some bugs… If you open a global css editor, that displays first before taking you to the global class edit screen, and many times returning to the block inspector dumps you back on the “Advanced” tab instead of the “Primary” tab (where you started):
global classes bugs
The main thing I’d request in addition to these bug fixes, would be that the “<- Back” button in the global class editor return you to the last tab you were on, so in the case of coming from the Primary tab, it returns you back to that location.

I’ll reply with more thoughts on the other aspects of this suggestion once I get some time to do some mockups.

This is really needed, thanks for bringing it up.
Current behaviour is kind of interrupting.