Modification in Cwicly Global Stylesheet and Cwicly Global Stylesheet

After any field is modified in Cwicly Global Stylesheet or Cwicly Global Stylesheet, the blue button to save page, post, etc. stays unavalaible.
Could you set it available?

There is a dedicated save button available.

Screenshot 2022-05-06 101705

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ok, super
Thank you very much Marius.
I will earn some time with this tip.

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Also, dirtying the post/template to save Global styles is not so great for revisions etc…
So there aren’t plans to touch the post Save function.


Hi @weedor,

Since 1.2, Global Styles , Global Stylesheets and External Classes are managed using WordPress entities, allowing you to save through the save button.

Thanks to @dranzer for pointing this out!

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@Araminta , I would appreciate a video showing how this all unites, or maybe a quick explanation here?

Also the foldering of stylesheets with a video showing chrome developer tool so we can get a general idea of the storage of stylesheets and global styles and how it’s related to the DOM would be great.

@AnthonyKeller, you might find the following useful:

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“You are never better served than by yourself” ok I’m digging into as I knew I would :slight_smile:
Thanks for the motivation Marius!

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