Please make sure to backup your current installation and to regenerate your HTML & CSS once updated

  • Fix: Allow srcset, sizes and alt properties for dynamic ACF images

  • Fix: Add alt tag to featured image

  • Fix: ACF Field fallback

  • Fix: Add ‘any’ to Query post type parameter when Inheriting Query from URL on the backend

  • Fix: Moving Section defaults (user defined) to global styles to alleviate block stylesheet

  • Fix: Removed custom grid height for Grid Editor, allowing a more streamlined experience

  • Fix: Activate/Deactivate grid overlapping in Grid Editor

  • Fix: Allow dragging modules in Auto Grid mode

  • Improvement: Regenerate HTML, block CSS and Global Styles CSS from the settings

  • Improvement: Default classes added to these blocks: Tab Content, Accordion Content, Button, Icon, Modal, Maps
    → Important note about images default styles from now on:

img {
        max-width: 100%;
        height: auto;
  • Improvement: Modified position of Cwicly stylesheets:

    1. style-index.css
    2. base.css
    3. global styles
    4. cc-global-stylesheets.css
    5. cc-global-classes.css
    6. cc-main.css
  • Improvement: Modified block retrieval in Cwicly Settings to allow faster regeneration

  • Improvement: Moving Global Styles, Global Stylesheets and External Classes to Gutenberg entities: allows undo/redo functions but also integrated saving

  • Improvement: Class system refactored

  • Improvement: Re-order by drag and drop Global Classes to change their priority in the cascading stylesheet

  • New: Cwicly Defaults removal (optional but highly recommended)