Modal: deselect the current item in the menu "appear"

I can’t deselect the current item in the menu “appear” (see video).
Could you please add an item “Select” or “No choice” to cancel the current option.
I think that this system could be added in every menu that allows a “no choice” option.

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This is equivalent to the already existing option “never”, which is the default option.
Try to select it and you will see, the field is cleared.

I admit that it might be a bit confusing, but I think improvements are on its way already:

The blue dot to remove the current selection and jump back to the default one could be addressed though.

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Thank you @Marius
“Never” does the job: it is fine.

Hi @weedor,

That jump when trying to click on the reset is not normal.
Does this happen on every select option where a reset is possible or more specifically this one?

Thanks in advance.

It appears to be a general dropdown / sidebar height issue @Louis.
The issues start as soon as the scrollbar of the .interface-interface-skeleton__sidebar is active/visible.
Either when the scrollbar is already visible or gets triggered via click on a dropdown.

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Here is another video with a non logical behavior.
The movment of the screen that is not penalysing, but I sould prefer that the click on the blue dot reset all setting. Here, it doesn’t. Even clicking “Inherit” doesn’t remove the blue dot.

Hello @weedor and @Marius,

Thank you very much for bringing this to my attention.
Indeed, this is an issue that has to be fixed as soon as possible.

As for the Inherit option, we are moving away from the resetting function it had previously to fulfil its real purpose.


Hello @weedor,

We’ve implemented a few fixes in 1.2.8 which should help with the behaviour you were experiencing.
Please let me know if this helps or if you still encounter things that can be improved.



Tested in different scenarios and works without any issues thanks to the improved dropdown behavior.
Better overall experience as well.

Thanks :+1:

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1.2.8 : simply amazed!

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