• New: Fluid (typography) value maker now available in font-size unit selector

  • Improvement: (Ongoing) Lightbox option for Image block

  • Improvement: Better indicate Dynamic Preview functioning

  • Improvement: Implement Gutenberg RichText logic for breaks

  • Fix: Modal After X Days show event wouldn’t register properly

  • Fix: Filter block with infinite scroll would not reload information properly

  • Fix: Dynamic Taxonomy filter fields should now be available throughout

  • Fix: Repeater conditions should no longer cause infinite loop issue

  • Fix: Dynamic Gallery wasn’t applying all styles set by user

  • Fix: Navigator & Library duplication (when switching templates) on Site Editor

  • Fix: When dragged to viewport corners, navigator would nullify user events

  • Fix: (Ongoing) Give global css properties their real functions

  • Fix: Lightbox ACF Fields

  • Fix: Spacing indicators on Site Editor

  • Fix: Specify Colour Picker pseudo states with tooltip

  • Fix: Select position and reset button

  • Fix: Make Taxonomy Terms properties in Query Editor clearable

  • Fix: Cwicly Copy/Paste implementation reinforced for certain specific cases