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Hi all. ive noticed this with design library and when setting up templates. i have ssl in my local development, and ive also tried this on my online server. my permalinks and general are all proper ssl and pointing where they need to.

templates are not rendered (css?)

some are

is there a setting im missing somwhere?

Not sure if that helps, but you can give this a shot:

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Thanks @Marius
i get this searching for headers

i have a menu selected in the nav block ive used so unsure why it wouldnt show?

Hey @Spipov.

Please see the following topic:

Not sure why the menu you selected on your block should show up in the design library though.
Hope that helps.

no i do get your point, but i cant see any examples.

ive set this up now on a live install.

ive confirmed i have the same issue on a live site.

i can provide the installation login details.

Can you please elaborate?
What do you mean with “i cant see any examples”?

i dont see the library items. they dont load up

Hello @Spipov,

The Design Library is currently expecting a rework in the next update. While the previews for some layouts won’t display correctly, you should be able to add and use them without any issue.
Thanks for your patience.

If you are experiencing discrepancies on the backend, please don’t hesitate to send us (support@cwicly.com) temporary access so we can take a look and assist.


Merci Louis.

i have sent in login credentials, but also 3 issues ive faced on the build so far. the site is nearly done.