Linked triggers between slider, bullets and carousel

I have this container where I have a slider and a carousel. These are linked so that when I use the slider it changes the contents of the carousel and vice versa.
Also it has bullets that are also linked.
I am sure its possible to do this within Cwicly, but I am unsure how to start building this.
Any ideas or workflow would be appreciated.

This is test made using unlimited elements.
Spa demo site

This should be possible, using the “Controller” option.
You just need to link one slider to another and they are kind of syncing.
I think you need to do that process vice versa to make it work.
Syncing the bullets should also work, just check the “Dots” option on your main slider.

I haven’t try it so no guarantee, rather only a hint how you could proceed.
But actually something I am also curious about so might test things and update with results.

It’s possible and easy to achieve:

Since the dots seem to be only visual indicators with no control actions, you can add a 3rd slider and build your own bullets, even with “active slide” visual indicators.
This one you want to connect as a “Thumb Controller” to the main slider.

If you want I can throw something together this week and share the file.
In case there is another or more efficient way (than using 3 sliders) for this, I am happy to hear some suggestions.

Edit: A 3rd slider is not required, it can be done via link wrapper actions (Slider > Go to Index), connecting the icons with the slider.
The 2 sliders are still syncing, no matter which of the 3 options you choose to swipe a slide, but you will lose the “active state” of the bullets, since they are not syncing with the rest.
Also, the Dots should actually work also as action trigger, so when you click them it should jump to the correct slide. So here again, 3rd slider shouldn’t be necessary.
Will test things further and post a nice example during the week to give you some starting point in case you are stuck.

Thanks for the post, I also learned really useful things already :+1:


Great, I am also looking into it, but got a ton of work to do :slight_smile: But I will it a try for sure.

Looks great

So I’ve seen you asked in the Bricks group how to achieve it with their builder.
Since you need to deal with custom code there, here you go with Cwicly - built 100% natively.


Please keep in mind that, when importing designs into Cwicly, classes and ID’s will auto-generate new. So you will need to re-assign the slider ID’s for the controller (link 2 main sliders to each other) and the thumb controller (linked to the slider with text).

If anything is unclear or not working, happy to help.

One issue, the initial active slider thumb state is not working and I couldn’t figure out why. This is why the first dot is not active on page load. but will work when clicked after.
I’m sure this has something to do with and how to link things together.
In this example, it works as intended when assigning the correct slider ID of the thumb slider to the main slider (demo also not working because of the missing correct ID).

Great, giving it a look. Yeah I am looking into all the major new players bricks, breakdance ex. to see what it possible within the box.

I know Cwicly has a ton of possibilities, but I havnt got enough time to deep dive into it.

One thing that I find annoying, is that you more or less have to build everything from scratch each time.
I know there is the fragments feature. Global parts ex. ex.
Gotta get my head around as Cwicly is really powerful.

Thanks for your efforts.

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This is the trade-off you make in comparison to the mentioned builders like Bricks and Breakdance. When it comes to some more advanced designs, these get quite limited pretty quickly.
I agree that the flexibility you have with Cwicly can be overwhelming and even could turn out to be a downside for some people.
But: Once you get over that point and used to it, you probably won’t mind anymore.

I’m pretty sure a lot of people will rely on premade blocks/sections in the future and these will definitely be a thing at some time as Cwicly grows and it will be worth for 3rd party designer/devs.
Variety of high quality block sets / UI kits do play a key role to get people on board.

Always happy to jump in if I have the time.
I most likely gonna post some design stuff here in the coming weeks to get a general feeling what kind of things people really need, if they like my general UI/UX approach and how detailed documentation needs to be, since things can get pretty complex and without a proper guide the designs are useless.
My goal is to create awesome stuff but with native options only, no custom code.

Would appreciate your feedback then :v: