Lightbox for dynamic image

Hi! I am new to Cwicly and have problems with image lightbox.
Not sure if I am doing it right but as I understand it, to add a lightbox for an image I have to wrap it with div and add a link to it by selecting type “Action” and “Lightbox”, then select the source image from media library. Am I missing something or it feels pretty complicated for a simple lightbox, especially when trying to explain it to the end user (client)?
Ok, it worked for a static image.
However, I had problems with a dynamic image when trying to select ACF as a source. Not sure why “ACF group” dropdown is empty and I cannot select a source. Any idea?

Wondering why there is no simple way to add Lightbox to an image like Gallery block has by enabling “Link” option and link type “Lightbox”?

Hello @janisK,

Welcome, great to have you here.
Sorry for the trouble you’re experiencing with the lightbox. Indeed, we are aware of the ACF group retrieval issue which will be fixed in the next update so please bear with us.

Thanks for bringing up the somewhat complicated workflow to adding a lightbox to an image. This definitely could have its specific option in the Image block so the link wrapping/action is done automatically.


Thanks for your response @Louis ,
Looking forward to the next release where ACF group retrieval might be fixed and hopefully in near future, there will be specific option for an image where wrapping/action is done automatically when enabling lightbox.

Hello @janisK,

A fix for the missing ACF Groups has been issued in 1.2.8.
If you still encounter issues with this specific bug, please let me know by replying to this thread.

As for a “simple” way to add a lightbox to an image, we have implemented a start to this feature in the Image block → Primary Tab → Settings

Hopefully that helps quicken the workflow. We will be adding all lightbox properties to allow you to take full advantage of it in the coming weeks.



Thanks a lot @Louis.
That was quick!
I can confirm that this retrieval problem for ACF group is fixed and works at my end.

And simple lightbox for image is exactly as I wanted now!
Thanks for amazing work!