License checker improvement

Every time I change the domain name of a website the license checker breaks.

Everything appears as active (in the backend / and cwicly website) but when editing a page this notice:
“We could not verify your website, you might have to check your license activation.”

Things I usually try with hit and miss to re-trigger it:

  • deactivate/activate plugin;
  • deactivate/activate license;
  • delete completely the license from the backend and re-add it (this one seems the most reliable);

Maybe removing the license check on page edit would help with this. (probably it would also speed up a bit the page load)

Can confirm these headaches.
Btw., this is something already be worked on:

Click the Feedbear link for more info.

Hi there,

Digging this one up also.

Are you still experiencing issues when deactivating/reactivating when changing domain names? This would be helpful to know.

Also wanted to point out that the license check on the editor do not in any case slow down the page speed.

It still seems to behave the same. After transferring, the only way it validated the license is to deleted the current license keys and re-add them again.

Unfortunately, I’m in the throes of this at the moment. After moving a site to a new domain, I cannot figure out how to reactivate the license, even after following every possible route that I know of. I’m simply getting a “Saving…” message when trying to reactivate the license, and it won’t progress past that point. How can I diagnose the root cause?

Did you try to delete and re-add your domain from your dashboard (

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I deleted the old domain, but can’t get the new domain to add.

After quite a bit of frustration, here are a handful of requests: (in no particular order)

  1. Please give us one unified site management interface on, outside the “Plan” interface, and including the ability to change domains and add new sites manually.
  2. Please add the ability to include the license keys in the wp-config.php settings file, in which case activation should complete automatically.
  3. Please add a wp-cli interface to Cwicly, including commands for activation (and HTML/CSS regeneration as well).
  4. Please include notices regarding activation in the debug.log, if enabled, so we can figure out what’s failing.
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@avunu Did you figure it out? May be some data need to be deleted from the database before it works. I think if Cwicly license server goes down for some reason then you won’t be able to make any edits on the backend. @Louis can correct if I am wrong.

As I said you cannot use Cwicly if the main server is down/under maintenance like right now.

Very poor experience

This isn’t correct.
If the license is active, then you can use the plugin.

I’ve also said in previous exchanges that the license check is going to be changed to alleviate this. A licensing server is going to be put in place, completely separate from other functions.

Also, I might add this is the first time our website/server has been unavailable. While we are doing our best to make things faster, please appreciate this.

Ok. Thanks for the update. License was activated on this site in the morning but I was not able to use Cwicly since your server went down. So I deactivated and tried to reactive in order to resolve. Anyways I’ll wait for you to complete the maintenance and look forward to the improvements to the license check. Thank you!

@Louis New website looks cool!

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As part of your planned licensing improvements, could you please incorporate an allowance for running on any/all subdomains of the licensed domain for the sake of staging/dev/production sites?


I second that and want to add the multilang site case which runs on multiple subdomains.

I sure hope this gets addressed soon. I have another site that I moved to a new domain and can’t get to reactivate :man_shrugging:

I’m moving the Licensing improvement to the top of our priorities, and will start work on it straight away.

We can hopefully provide a clean solution that fits everybody’s use-case in the next coming days.


Yes I am also getting …
“We could not verify your website, you might have to check your license activation.”
on an instawp instaWP installation.

They are having some problems currently.
That might be the reason, but I also reapplied both license keys and the are shown as:

Try deleting this row from the database and try activating it then. Few more days to this issue until the new licensing check comes into play.

This is interesting. I see you have a few votes on this one :slight_smile:
This would mean that you consider our license of websites to be:
1 website === 1 root domain and not 1 website === domain/sub domain?