Keyboard shortcuts conflict between word selection and block navigation (CTRL+SHIFT+RIGHT/LEFT)

Cwicly Plugin version:


In editing a paragraph or any other text block, we can’t use CTRL+SHIFT+LEFT/RIGHT to select words because this shortcut is overiden by Cwicly’s block navigation.

It seems it is the same in all Cwicly’s UI settings text inputs like classes dropdown search, colors, sizes, etc.

When focus is in a text input (whether in a block or in UI settings), these shortcuts should be reserved to text selection and not block navigation.

It is currently very annoying because the focus changes to another block while typing and you have to come back to the previous one and find where you were editing :sob:

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Hi @yankiara,

Thanks for bringing this up.

This should be addressed in



It seems to work in block inspector UI inputs and for Cwicly blocks content (only tested paragraphs and headings).

However, with Gutenberg paragraphs and headings, it’s not working, still structure navigation activated.
In Gutenberg list items, though, it is working.