Jet Engine with Cwicly?

Hi, is the Jet Engine Plugin compatible with Cwicly? Will there be any limitations while using it as compared to something like Elementor?

I’m pretty new to Wordpress, so please forgive if the answer is too obvious. Just wanted to make sure before going ahead with a purchase.

Hey @switchfuseunit and welcome to the forum :v:

Currently, there is no integration of JetEngine inside Cwicly, but it is planned.
So it depends on your use case.
There shouldn’t be any major issues using them side by side but in most cases you want to take advantage of a seamless integration inside the FSE environment.

In case you didn’t know, Cwicly comes with ACF Pro and is fully integrated inside the Cwicly Builder.

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Thank you for the info. Yes, I know about ACF Pro but I’m planning to create a membership website where logged-in users can create custom wishlists (save their favorite posts and view the entire list of saved posts on their account page). As far as I understand from the ACF forum, this is going to be pretty difficult with ACF Pro.

Thanks for elaborating and I agree that ACF might not be the best bet in this case.

You could create a feature request for JetEngine integration so people could vote for it and the Cwicly team might get a better idea how necessary it is.

My guess is that Metabox will be prioritized, since it was requested a lot. I doubt we will see JetEngine integration anytime soon but I am confident it will be available at some point, since it becomes more and more popular and there are people frequently asking about the integration/compatibility with Cwicly.

Aw, snap. I’m coming from Webflow and Cwicly really seemed to be the deal for me. Guess I’ll need to look into something like Oxygen with Toolset for this.

Well, with webflow you are dependent on (in most cases external) 3rd party tools anyway.
So why not trying to find a solution that fits and is compatible with Cwicly?
I also do have Webflow background and for me, Cwicly is the exclusive reason that made me return to WordPress.

Maybe this video can give you some inspiration regarding your general approaches and workflows.

No no, I’d prefer Cwicly hands down. Just need someone to assure me that I can build this Membership Website with it. That’s it. I really don’t understand how Wordpress works or what is compatible with what. Don’t want to move deep into development and figure out that something can’t be done with Cwicly. Atleast, that’s what I’m afraid of.

For your use case I am pretty sure there are some simple plugins available which can give you this functionality.
Choosing JetEngine, wouldn’t it be kind of overkill?
How about this one?
Not sure how you plan to setup membership functionality, but my recommendation is an external and dedicated service, which can live inside WordPress as well via some kind of integration.
Membership plugins, from my experience, are and always have been an entire mess in WordPress.
They were a solid solution in the past, but now there are far better opportunities.

There is also a chance that we will see such features natively inside Cwicly at some point. Feel free to vote.

If you don’t want to move too deep into development, I’d suggest you to stay away from Oxygen at all.

You can use this plugin My Favorites – WordPress plugin | to save favorites. (you can apply it to any post type and it’s pretty customizable)

For the membership part, you have enough conditionals win cwicly to hide the parts you want to keep private.

I think show/hide content for users is only one (small) part of a membership solution.

The plugin is great, I suggested it as well.
It serves exactly the required purpose and that’s it - so no additional bloat.