Bookmarks, Wishlists, Favorites for Custom Post Types

It would be useful to be able to add individual posts of a custom post type to a favorite and then display the list of added lists in a query loop.

Is this already part of WooCommerce’s new feature release schedule?

I would like the following features.

JetEngine has a similar feature.


Great package from JetEngine.
Would love to see every single feature inside Cwicly as well.

I already had it in mind for quite a while but decided it’s not the time yet to post this as a suggestion.

Thanks for posting @Takeru.

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Very nice proposition from JetEngine I have to say.

Definitely something we can consider, especially once the filter block is released with our client-side element generation.


Hello, I’ve made a similar post yesterday, haven’t seen this so I’ve been directed here.
As I’ve made kind of detailed post I’ll just repost as a comment here. :slight_smile:

So there it goes:
Could there be an ability to have “Data Stores” (as crocoblock calls them).

Basically you create a data store i.e. “Likes” and set it to be saved in session|cookies|server(for logged in users)

You need a button in the editor “Add to store” this button could be used to add the post to user’s data store (also remove).

Also you could query all the posts in user store i.e. to have a wishlist page.

Also you could dynamically display data store count by post (how much “likes” this post have) | store (how much “likes” there are in data store)

Also using Filter you could filter a query by “likes” i.e. ASC|DESC

Also also if you have two stores like “likes” and “dislikes” you could interact with them in some way - do calculations to get average and also Filter by that.

Also also also data stores could be counted dynamicly by visiting a post. So you could use it to display user’s recently viewed post or display how many users have read a post.

I’m looking forward for your comments on this. :slight_smile:


This is something I have been struggling too, and was just doing it the other way with a very standard plugin. Still looking for a better way to accomplish this, but if Cwicly provides a way to have this function, it will be so powerful too.