iPad w/ Magic Keyboard doesn't work with Cwicly inputs

When I try to input values in the Cwicly fields, like margin/padding, or anything that takes a keyboard input, it doesn’t seem to work. I can click and scroll and wiggle the trackpad around a little and it will sometimes kick in and allow me to type, but it mostly doesn’t let me.

I can type in the standard WP block editor fields and elements, just not Cwicly’s. I can sometimes even get the cursor to show up blinking in the fields, but nothing happens when I type.

I"m using the latest version of Cwicly and the latest version of iPadOS. This happened back in September also, with older versions of both. I traveled out of town and only took my iPad, but was bummed because I couldn’t get any work done that involved Cwicly. Any ideas what might cause this?

Hello @msguerra74,

Sorry to hear this, we’ll try and get this sorted as soon as possible.
Is this also happening on inputs for colour, text based fields?
Or only number type fields?

Thanks in advance.

Hey @Louis , it seems to only be on numeric inputs, which was all I was needing to do at the time, so I didn’t notice the other fields. All text, color, and CSS/Stylesheets fields seem to work just fine. Thanks for the follow-up!

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Hi @msguerra74,

Thanks for the confirmation.
We’ll try and get this fixed as soon as possible.


Hi @msguerra74,

Thanks for your patience.
1.2.6 should help with this issue as we have moved the number spinning function to the label/icon instead of having it anchored on the input itself.

Please let me know if this helps or if still experience trouble.

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Thanks @Louis , it seems to work as expected now!

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