Infinite scrolling

I know that it is an old request but I got an order for a big project with thousand of post and multiple taxonomies to filter.
The mandatory request of the client is : scroll, scroll, scroll…
And he wants that the user can make the posts scroll with thumb as fast as possible. For that, I must use infinite scrolling and I don’t want to go back to Oxygen or Bricks.
Please, tell me that this feature will be added in the coming weeks.

I used to use infinite scrolling, but it’s actually not great from a usability perspective. It prevents the user from being able to navigate through your footer.

I’d communicate this with your client and suggest a load more button instead.

Not sure if Cwicly’s filter has that yet, but if not WP Grid Builder has that and infinite scrolling.

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The ultimate reference of client is 9gag that is exactly his philosophy. Propose thounsand of posts and make users addictive to scroll. A button is not an option.
Andd to be frank, I do prefer, far away, infinite scrolling than a button to click click and click. when you navigate through hundred of posts : facebook, Whataps, twitter, etc. Are they wrong? Certainely not : the scroll is addictive. And to go back to previous page, find the button and click. Impossible!
Here, in this forum, the infinite scrolling is used and I find it cool.
If I can’t with Cwicly, instead of Grid Builder, I do prefer Yith Infinite scrolling + Search and Filter. A binome I used a lot in the past. But we are far from Cwicly with such a solution.

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I also don’t like Infinite Scrolling but it have it purpose.

Sure, and we must accept customers’ requests.
Even if we developps and design websites, we must remember that our clients are sometimes right and are much more closer to the final “reader” than we are.

Hi @weedor,

Infinite Scrolling is already shipped with Cwicly, and has been for a long time.

It has already been confirmed that the integration with the Frontend Rendering option is being worked on.

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Hi @Louis
You are my man.
I lay down all other builder from now! I will definetively start my project with Cwicly. :heart_eyes:


Frontend Rendering with filter block, can use Infinite Scrolling now? it seems can not work in my side o, Boss

@Louis, i tested today, Infinite Scrolling can not work with Frontend Rendering, whether with filter block or just query block listing.

plus, I want report another Frontend Rendering issue when set masonry (this will happen if the photos’ ratio are very different)

  1. on first screen, the masonry can not push the footer down(reference above), if resize the explore , footer will push down correct.

2. photo can adjust the the layout automatic to fill up the gap space.(reference above)

plus, if the photos’ ratio are similar, looks do not have any problems. (reference above)

Hi @weedor,

Infinite scroll is now integrated for frontend rendering since 1.2.6.

If you do come across any issue, please reply to this thread so that we can fix it as soon as possible.

Thanks to @dranzer for pointing this out!

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I completely missed it.
That’s great! Thank you very much.
One step beyond will be to remove the display of empty cards during refresh. I opened a topic for that, but it is not really urgent.