Improve Taxonomy Terms Block

The Taxonomy Terms Block currently does not work in a way that makes sense.

Given we have two Taxonomies. #1 Category and #2 Genre.
The Taxonomy Block by default would display all Category terms and all Genre terms in one list. This does not make sense and I can’t think of any scenario where this would be useful.

Now, to display the two Taxonomies separately I need to select |Source: current| and exclude all taxonomies but the one that I want to be displayed.

Why not just have the option to select the specific taxonomy that should be displayed? This would be the straight forward way of doing it I think.

Also in my case there is a conflict with another plugin (PublishPress Authors gives you the ability to have guest authors and multiple authors per post) meaning even if i exclude all taxonomies the post author will always be displayed. This would not happen if I could select the taxonomy that I want to show.

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I still enjoy the ability to add multiple taxonomies which I use in certain cases.
But that can still exist, by just changing the exclude by include.

Sure. I don’t want to advocate for removing this feature. It is great to have but it would be even better to also have the option to choose the taxonomies you wan to include. Especially since I think this is the more common way this block would be used.

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I thought this was odd as well. It’d definitely be helpful to have an Include field, not just Exclude.

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Am I correct with the assumption that this is possible now?

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Yes, now you can include only the required taxonomies.


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Hi @Jonas,

Thanks for bringing this up.

Yes, this has been available since

Thanks for confirming, @Audrius.

Moving to done.