Image Gallery option to turn it into a Slider

Hi there,

I know I can use a repeater field and display it as a slider and love the simplicity of it.
Although, ACF gallery fields and repeater don’t work exactly the same way on the backend, the gallery one allowing to select multiple images at once rather than clicking each time to create a new row.
If not too difficult to implement, I would really benefit from a slider option of the gallery block (which could work for both regular and dynamic galleries).

What do you guys think?

Thank you!



Awesome @Louis
Thank you in advance!!!

Wow, after looking for ACF gallery slider everywhere for 30 minutes, I just found out this thread…

There’s really no workaround for this except using an actual repeater for images?

My client needs an image slider on every CPT post, and there’s no way I can ask him to select images one by one since he has hundreds of posts with like 10 images each…

@Louis any update on when this will be available. Manually choosing each image with a repeater block is very cumbersome.

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Hello @kenneth_k,

I appreciate the inconvenience to have to use a repeater in this instance.

While this feature request is planned, there are quite a few others who have more votes attached to them, which would imply more community interest.
If we’re able to see a few more votes added to this thread, I’ll definitely make sure we fit it in earlier. Unfortunately, working on implementing one feature will always push another one back, and decisions have to be made.


@Louis Thanks! Totally understood. Was just curious on when this could be expected so I know if I should wait or find some other add-on solution. Thanks for the quick reply.

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I’ll also add: bumping feature requests as you and @yankiara did is great. We might overlook them and this just puts the focus back onto them, so thanks for that.

Adding my vote for this.
This feature doubles as expanding the WooCommerce implementation, as currently there’s no way to get a product’s gallery and display it as a slider. Even with the repeater, I haven’t found a way to do it dynamically.

@ChickenHacker Please see this tip by @Araminta showing exactly what you want:

This is wonderful, thanks. I believe I’ve discovered a bug that prevented me from doing this earlier. But I’m also pretty new to building sites so there may just be something I’m missing.
I’ll do some testing and post to bugs if I can figure out how to replicate it.

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This video is changed to a WooCommerce repeater thing that doesn’t work on ACF gallery.
I was half way implementing this. Can you someone (@Araminta )? Share the original vid again where I saw using 2 sliders to create a products like gallery with clickable thumbs…


Hi @webmaat,

Are you looking for this?

Both the one @JuGa and I shared are very similar, though one is for an ACF repeater, and another for a WooCommerce gallery.
The principle is the same.

Hope this helps!

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no. It was a different one. Totally gone. Strange! Maybe you can make a video again on how to create a clickable image gallery with 2 sliders. I just managed to achieve it myself:

One more thing: Why isn’t it possible to set a Lightbox on a dynamic image from a ACF gallery inside a slider? Only static work. I want the big image to have a Lightbox, preferably with pagination/arrows in the loop

And another one thing ;): Why do I sometimes need to click 2 or 3 times to see another image?

With the addition of Components, this seems even more needed as it will allow for a very easy Slider Component, as the gallery is already in the Component properties.

Hi, i am trying to create a Dynamic Gallery using ACF Galleries. Auto Play. I was thinking this could probably be accomplished with the new component features but not sure. Any advise for how I can accomplish this with the current options? I need to get this up soon so i dont have time to wait and My gallery only has 10 images so it wont take long to manually set up the slider for me as long as it can do it once in a template for all instances.

Best to use a ACF Repeater together with a Cwicly Repeater Block. You can turn the Cwicly Repeater into a slider with all sorts of options including autoplay.


Cwicly Repeater

ACF Fields that load on my CPT ‘Bedrooms’

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Thank you I will give it a try! Do you know if it is possible to upload mutliple images to a repeater at once or do they have to be upoaded one at a time? I guess the benefit of one at a time is that they can also add titles and descriptions per image so it might actually ned up being a better solution.

I know you all are super busy making magic over there and it is incredible!!! Do you have any update on this feature? Or perhaps a tutorial on how we might be able to use the new component features to create this ourselves? The repeater field is not a practical solution for gallery type projects… as we need to be able to upload multiple images at once and often with galleries there are many images. Thank you for all you are doing it is amazing. @Araminta @Louis

Did you ever find a solution? I am testing out the Kadence Gallery Block which is dynamic and includes auto play. It seems to be working on the single page templates so far but it caused an error when i tried to add it to a query template. I am going to keep testing it and hopefully it will hold up until this feature is added. Curious what you ended up doing.

@ShannaKae yes you can select multiple images at once for the ACF Repeater field. When selecting images in the media library just tick each image that you would like and they will all load up. It would be more handy to use a ACF Gallery but that is currently not compatible I believe.

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