How to get a background image parallax effect?

@Louis / @Araminta / @Arthemis – I have an image as the background of a Section block which is 200vh and have set the Parallax option under the Sizing section to Unset, but I get no parallax effect when scrolling and have tried the other option of Fixed also to no avail - what am I doing wrong here please?

Any help much appreciated! Thanks.

Looking at this property I think the naming is misleading as it sets the background-attachment property and has nothing to do with the background parallax effect onscroll which is a common UX effect.

Screenshot 2022-10-14 at 15.50.57

But can parallax scrolling be achieved with Cwicly?

Challenge anyone?

Hi there @jwarnox,

Indeed, the parallax property in the background parameters is attached to the background-attachment property, which is in most cases considered to be the CSS way of applying a parallax effect.

Could you possibly detail what you expect when applying a parallax effect to a background image? Would this be delayed scrolling effect or more specifically altering the scale/translate of the image?


Hi @Louis

Here is an excellent example of the effect I am hoping to achieve -

So onscroll the background image translateY’s at a slower rate creating that 3D “parallax” effect you see all over the web – is this achievable? – I presumed the Cwicly “Parallax” setting did all this magic for you, but I guess I would need to wire up onscroll translates if that is indeed possible with Cwicly?

Thanks in advance!

I added a feature request here: