Scrolling Parallax Effect

Hi there,

as a website designer, I would like to implement some scrolling parallax effects, as often seen on the homepage or here and here

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It’s been discussed here and there and the answer, as already stated from official side, is scroll interactions, which will be introduced at some point with Cwicly.

A dedicated feature request does already exist.

Hi MarloKessler,
depending on how urgent it is for you, you could switch to an external plugin like I bought it after some hesitation and after I had also tried the Greenshift Animation Library, whose UI and practical implementation I didn’t like so much.
I found it more efficient to do these elaborate scroll-based animations in a separate interface and after the actual styling of the page. You have a very visual approach here with drag and drop in a timeline and markers for triggering the different effects.

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Nice, thank you @Jugibur I will definitely check out!

Okay, that’s good to know. Then, this feature request is a duplicate and can be closed.

Anyone interested in a quick tutorial to have that available until it will be implemented natively?

Would require the code block and will only work on front-end (so no preview available).
Still, it would be quite easy to understand and to follow.

Let me know in case there is any interest.

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I’m interested in how to achieve this

I’m also interested!

I’m interested to know how. Appreciate that.
Hope Cwicly team will make it available natively soon.

It’s simple to add with JS and CSS, or if you use something like But yeah, it would be nice if it was built in. Most of what you ever need are the scrolling animations they already include and some kind of element and background parallax.

I previously tried inserting JS to achieve the parallax effect that I wanted but with no luck.

Today, I retried, and I made it by implementing some simple JS code to make the parallax effect I wanted for my site. Maybe there was an error with the JS previously. :smiley:

I did it once before using JS and CSS, but now I just use for most of that kind of stuff.

is there any news on a tutorial for this?

i’m really wondering how to do something slightly similar but with current Cwicly-possibilities

Sorry for the delay, @Hein, @MarloKessler, @jornes, @boris.

Hopefully, this is what you are looking for.

I thought it was built natively in cwicly, what is the parallax thing it has for backgrounds then?