How to edit items in Post Content?


  1. How do you make all the styles the same and articles? I understand that part of the settings can be set for the Post Content block but there are settings for individual elements, do not add them to the manual each time. Especially if we assume that the content manager will write the articles.

  2. When I insert a text into the post, all the blocks are substituted by Gutenberg and not Cwicly. How can I change this?

Hey @DenisKozeev.

Please check this topic:
Styling Blog Template - General - Cwicly

Not sure if I understand what you mean, but please give this a try:


In case this doesn’t solve your issue, please provide more info what’s exactly happening.

Thanks, I’ll try

No, that’s not it. I took the text from the editor and pasted it. And all the elements from Gutenberg formed like a screenshot

Just a quick note in case the usage of Post Content is not clear yet. Basically you don’t need to paste your content into the Post Content block.

When you put the Post Content block into your template and save it, it will automatically and dynamically show whatever blocks you have added to the post that is being displayed in your template on the front end.

So based on this, in the vast majority of cases you will only want to use a post content block within a template or within a Query template block.

I must have misrepresented the problem.

I want to understand how the content manager will design text in wordpress. I should just turn off his Cwicly and he in the standard editor Gutenberg will arrange and all?

You can enable/disable whatever blocks you believe are the best for use by the content manager. You can have all Cwicly blocks or all WordPress default blocks or a mixture of these and third-party blocks, it is completely your choice.

The only slight quirk to be aware of is that if a user is pasting formatted content (e.g. lists, etc), these will currently only work for the WordPress block. If they are primarily using the editor to create content then this is not an issue.

The benefit of using the Cwicly blocks is that the user has access to the advanced user interface that Cwicly provides in the inspector.

When you use global styles, global elements and global classes with relative styles on your containers and post-content blocks, all of these will apply to any block used (including the WordPress ones).

Please see this thread for discussion:

All of the bugs mentioned there have been resolved and both block styles and classes (with relative styles) all work correctly now.

Thanks for the answers. Could set up everything through Releativ Style.

Is there a bookmarks (as in the screenshot, when the site description, preview and link is taken) embedded in Cwicly? Not found at first glance in the list of types.

Hi @DenisKozeev, there is a plugin that does this (obviously this may or may not work with dynamic ACF data depending on how it is implemented:

It is a nice candidate for a Cwicly feature request.

Thanks, I’ll check the plugin.

Yes, that would be convenient.