Styling Blog Template

Hello is there an option to style the Blog Template elements? Need different styles for different templates.

Only for the Blog Template
H1 - H6


Hi there @petrbilek,

If you mean you want to style the post content depending on the template, I would recommend using our Post Content block and using Relative Styling with it, which will allow you to target every type within that block while styling visually.
Otherwise, there always is the custom css route.

Let me know if you need more details.

That’s it. Exactly as Webflow! Thanks for this power :yum:

A very basic example of how to achieve this:

One thing that we could potentially work on is mimicking the styles applied to the Relative Styles on the Post Content block inside the Post Editor so that the user has a more immersive experience.


Thanks so much! Much more clear to me right now.