Header builder?

A lot of builders have a header builder. What do people think of that idea for Cwicly?

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Hi @David - Not really proud of this “contribution” - but it gets the point across :slight_smile:

It is frustrating to see that the problem I - as well as other OPs have made about the header overlapping, when setting the header to fixed has not been adressed - and also frustrating to get some code-changing sensitive solution from another user, where the customization is done by me, and not Cwicly, thus ensuring a guaranteed solution backed by Cwicly that they maintain.

Now that Elementor is sucking up all the improvements made by the competition from new page builders - it is probably time to accept Elementor as the standard.

Every day a new pagebuilder … in BETA.

But I really like Cwicly though.

Well those types of options (fixed, sticky, etc) could be part of a header builder and solve this problem.

Elementor is a different game. It is old school playing catch up. It has lots of tricks up its sleeve, but also its own issues.

I agree Elementor has become archaic. A header builder within Cwicly I would certainly welcome.

@David Yes, I know. And basically agree. Just do not compare promises and betas to builders with many installations to cater to.