Global color in gradient, color panel stays black

When I choose a gradient background with global colors I can’t use the gradient view panel. This panel stays black.

Add a section
Add a background color
Choose gradient
Click the “left” color and choose a global color.
Tha panel above still is black.

If I chooce a different (non-global) color, tha panel changes to th chozen color

Before chosing colors:

After 2 global colors:

After 2 non global colors:

Also the color-icon doesn’t change.

Environment info

  • WordPress version: 6.2.2
  • Cwicly Plugin version:

Hi @Lijn-B,

Sorry to hear you’re experiencing trouble with this.

Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to reproduce this error on my end.
Could you possibly share the complete global value, so we may check it on our end?

Additionally, to investigate this issue further I have set up a demo instance.
You can log in with this.
Please see the Global gradient test page.

Feel free to change it to how you have set it up on your installation, to see if the error is reproducible.

Thank you in advance.

I can’t log it any more, so I made a screen capture:

Hope you can reproduce it.

Sorry about that, @Lijn-B.
The demo instance must have expired before you were able to log in.

Thank you for your screencast!
Unfortunately I am still unable to reproduce this, per this short video:


Meanwhile, I have set up another demo instance.
Please log in with this, and see the Global gradient test page.

Thank you in advance.

Hi Araminta,

Yes now I can log in. And Yes it works on the page.
But no it doesnt’t work on template parts. See the screencast:

Thank you for the clarification, @Lijn-B!

I can confirm this is a bug.
We’ll be sure to have a fix for this as soon as possible.

Apologies for the inconvenience, and thank you for taking the time to report this.

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You’re welcome and keep up the good work!

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Once again, thank you for reporting this @Lijn-B!

This should be fixed with

Please don’t hesitate to let me know if you encounter any more trouble with this.

Yes I noticed this morning that it is fixed!

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