Full website template needed


I really need a full website example to study and see how everything is built. Watching videos is okay, but it would be great for easier understanding, to have a hands-on website to just play with in a local environment. Could the cwicly.com or an equal website be made available as a ZIP file for download?

Thank you!

/ René

hi René. You should have a cloud icon at the top of the long vertical dark insert bar on the left of your screen when you’re editing a page.
In the cloud library there are a few templates that are full pages. It is not a full website but maybe this would help

Hi Boris. Thank you. I have tried different templates and played around with the design. Where I am struggling is how to use the Themer and how to use it alongside pages etc.

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basically the themer is a way to create automatic templates for specific pages. so for example for the home page you can choose to only apply a footer and header, whereas on other ‘normal’ pages you can use the themer to also apply a hero image dynamically chosen from the page featured image. does that make sense?

Yes that makes sense. What I did wrong was to insert the page design into the themer. I will try to only insert header and footer in the themer and make the page design directly on the page.

yes that what i also used to do. But it depends on if you will have a client that wants to also edit stuff.

I’m only now learning this, but in that case you can also choose to put certain ‘fixed’ elements of the pages into their templates, and leave the editable room for editors in the page itself (because they can edit pages, not templates).

Hi @Refica,

You may find this post related to the subject interesting:

Well said. Highly recommended for non-technical clients.

We recommend keeping anything that the client should not be able to edit (e.g. the structure, layout, any reusable dynamic elements and any fixed non-editable elements) in either the template or within components within the pages as appropriate.

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After further testing Cwicly, I’ve realized that I still feel that I need a complete website to fully understand how everything is done. This means looking at the design, setting up the navigation/menu, creating posts and pages, and so on.
I am used to just set the header and footer and then every page I make is made inside the “Pages” in WordPress, but is this still the way to go with Cwicly?

It’s coming soon, according to the roadmap:


In the last week’s live, @zeinnicholas asked about a similar topic and @Louis kindly went into more detail, also covering this very topic.

Yeah, its on the way next year, after the tailwind update and a few things more. But, with what you have you can do better.
For instance, once the color system update was released it would have been so nice to include a fancy looking template like the one used in the color system promo video, just to take a look and for people to be able to play with it, it would have been such a kind gesture.

Yep, January is getting very close now.

There is an element of “damned if you and damned if you don’t” with regards to releasing cloud library patterns / demos / custom themes / components, etc.

On the one hand, if you release too early then there is a significant overhead of having to keep these updated when improvements occur in the product and people may complain if things are not kept in sync with the latest features available.

On the other hand if you release later when there is an opportunity for something more stable and future-proof, the same people may complain that they have to wait.

The only solution is to focus on what will deliver the optimal long-term solution, regarding which, I think @Louis has given a reasonable big picture explanation as to why the release order they have chosen makes sense and I trust the end result will be better because of it.