Advice needed on how to create an editable/changeable website after layout

Hi @boris,

I highly recommend firstly separating any layout or dynamic content into the templates and keeping page content specific to what an editor will expect to edit on the current page.

Example: Home page with a content section followed by a recent posts list.

In this case the only thing in the home page itself would be the content you would want to see in the content section, not the section itself and not the recent posts list. Those are added to the template.

With regards to content, we used to use the following approach:

With Cwicly 1.3 we now use components for all customised reusable and editable blocks, so that is what I recommend, to keep within the Cwicly ecosystem for maximum flexibility.

Using a combination of the Cwicly Role Editor, the WordPress block visibility selector and adding components, you can provide a curated, streamlined editing workflow for your clients.

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