Fragments don't display in Query with Frontend Rendering active

I have a Listing grid with cards that are fairly complex. It needs to display a number of Terms, Image + Title, along with about 5 ACF fields.

I can see how intense it gets when trying to render all this dynamic data on the backend, to the point where saving often fails altogether.

My process has been to bundle cards and make them into Fragments, which dramatically reduces server (and CPU) strain while I’m building since it’s not constantly querying the database. It also allows me to build cards once and use them everywhere.

This works well for static queries. If I then add a Filter, and turn on front-end rendering, the cards disappear on the frontend. I’ve tried with and without and the issue only arises when Fragments are used.
Frontend rendering unchecked

Frontend rendering checked
Filter displays. No grid

Blocks within layout

Works as expected. But it slows everything down, and I lose the ability to make sitewide changes to my cards from one place.

Is this (still) on your radar? :male_detective:

I have exact the same issue as owynter described. Tried to use the re-usable block, but that doesn’t work also together with the filters.