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hi araminta,
i would stay with fluent forms…its really great…why inventing this broad area from the scratch again…i think it would be better to invest more in speed, stability and compatilibilty…i recently found a Newsletter Builder it is awesomely fast…has an UX Interface like Adobe Photoshop…you can create pixel-grided freeform responsive newsletter…within the browser…it is the really wow from the UX Point…

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agree with a simple form builder. at least to start with.

A form feature is a must for any full featured page builder.

Elementor has a form with rich features and strong collaboration for third party integrations.
Bricks is on its way to strengthen its form features, but is still lacking in many aspects.

The less dependency on a multitude of plugins, the better. The builder itself must be feature rich.
This is the trend.
Bricks is incorporating features that are add-ons in Elementor for example. So does Breakdance.

WSForm is worth looking at for inspiration but follow the 80:20 rule.
Incorporate features within Cwicly forms that would suffice for 80% of the users, and the 20% power users that would want more advanced features can install a plugin like WSForm.

I have mixed feelings about this feature request (Although I already upvoted).

I’d love for the Cwicly team to implement a form builder. They proved their ability to bring awesome features in an elegant way that plays well with the WordPress ecosystem while allowing a lot of flexibility for us, the users. And having this team provide us a form builder would be amazing.

But… a form builder requires integrations, lots of them. A form builder without integrations does not worth much for most users. Take a “simple” newsletter subscription form. This would require integrations with:

  • MailChimp
  • ActiveCampaign
  • Brevo
  • HubSpot

These are just examples… which combination satisfies most users? Might not be easy to answer. And of course this gets more complicated with user management (register/login forms), payments, etc… Does the Cwcily team develop all integrations? or do they rely on other developers (plugins) for that.

I guess what I’m trying to say is that I’d understand if the team decides that a form builder is not what they need now and maybe it does not fit in their roadmap. Although many of us are asking for it and that must count for something.

Anyway, yes, I’d love to see a quality form builder that works well in Gutenberg and with Cwicly. Whether it’s part of Cwicly or a different plugin, I don’t really mind.

They can just integrate with third party automation tools like Zapier and SureTriggers to start with, which would allow you to do almost anything.

I appreciate the thinking here, and for some projects this may be OK, on the other hand, this doesn’t work for a lot of use cases. Tools like Zapier are not necessarily the right approach for certain types of projects and for these it is much cleaner to have connectivity that you don’t have to piece together.

Due to this, we usually choose a form plugin that either has built-in integration with the CRM we need or that has a plugin that automatically adds this.

@StrangeTech I agree, I was just thinking as a stop-gap until they introduce additional integrations.

Yes it would be great if you added the front end admin features, it is actually harder than it looks to find a good form plugin that allows for front end CPT editing which is essential… But the part that i am bummed about for Front End Admin, is it doesn’t look like they also have a simple contact form for leads etc… which is important so i am going ot have to install another plugin for that for now. I

Definitely, incorporating features that enable us to construct our own CRMs would be transformative. I’m gearing up to develop my own CRM system would be cool. Not sure all that woudl be involved with that but there is an opportunity there for us to be able to create custom solutions. Also, Front End Post Update (this is very important, not just add but update). Thanks so much. I look forward to this release!

This is something that would really set Cwicly apart from other site builders. WSform is the only other form builder that has nailed this aspect (woocommerce functionality and integration I mean)

RETHINK The Idea of Forms Alltogether!

After considering things, I am not sure we really need another form builder. there are actually plenty of form builders out there that can do what we need.

Maybe rethink the idea of forms all together. For example, what if you just made fields editable by the users based on their usr role etc… Now that would be a cool feature! So for instance I have a user profile CPT, and i have to create an individual popup for each field i want my users to be able to edit, their bio, headshot, portfolio etc… because i want editing to be super simple. Each modal has an edit icon and is only visible to the author of that post. If Cwicly had the ability to say just turn on or off this feature based on visability and other permissions that would be VERY Cool. But another regular form builder may not be worth the time. I would say lets think about ways to simply build some of the features into the platform instead in tru Cwicly style! You know, blow the industry’s minds. @Louis @Araminta

And to add onto this if you look at my post about forgetting the idea of a traditional form builder. Build the features into the plaftorm. That would be amazing. Im just saying…

If they are going to do a form builder, it needs to be extraordinary. We already have form builders, lots of them. I suggest they do something like build the features into the platform. Like for example, make a field editable on the front end with certain permissions. Or simply click a button on a field to add it to a form, or create the from right from a field. Just not another regular form builder but build the form into the platform itself…something super simple. So for example if there is a form with multiple fields on it, the user could easily open the form and add or remove those fields from any instance. Rather than having to go to a “form builder”. Just brainstorming now… : )

The benefit would be that we would be able to build forms from scratch using Cwicly, without all of the fluff that comes with other form builders. Most sites have at least a contact form, so being able to build that would make it an all-in-one system. Technically you can already put all the inputs on the canvas, so we would just need the logic to make it actually send email. Ideally we’d be able to at least hook it up to other systems via something like Zapier, but at least having a basic form that sends email would be a nice starting point.

Of course, this is more of a NICE to have, rather than a NEED to have, but it definitely would be nice to have!

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If someone (like me) likes building everything from scratch and pixel perfect, hates to have endless plugins, all with their own UI and Usability concept, slowing down WP, annoying messages (especially for free versions when you only need basic forms) or extra payment only to get forms, not much more, than I would state it is a MUST HAVE :wink: .
But I must also admit that my use cases are rather basic. No shops and payment forms and similar stuff. Its more like contact and quote request forms or job application forms with file uploading capability and maybe some basic multi steps. All send via e-mail.

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