Form builder

A form builder is absolutely necessary for Cwicly and is being worked on. Feel free to let us know what features you would like to have in this form builder (conditions, newsletter etc.)


The compatibility with GPPR plugins.
As far as I’m concerned, I use " Ultimate GDPR & CCPA" by CreateIT.

Good point!
Adding this to our checkpoints.

I would love to have webhooks for the form builder so we can send the information to any service. I use Pabbly so connecting my client’s cwicly site to their newsletter service (Acumbamail) is paramount.


This might go without saying, but I hope to see some convergence between the Cwicly form builder and Woocommerce product options functionality. I’m thinking specifically of a relative equivalent to Gravity Forms Product Add-ons and Formidable Forms Pro Woocommerce Integration.

Also, we can’t forget about PDF export, email autoresponders, and payment gateway integrations (at least Stripe,, and PayPal).

For me, a natively integrated frontend publishing/editing (support for post & custom post types & WordPress users) would be fantastic.

Related to this, the implementation of a user dashboard (e.g. possible with Metabox, see MB Frontend Submission - Create frontend post submission forms for WordPress with ease - Meta Box) would be optimal, where users can edit and/or delete their articles.

The cherry on top would be the possibility to natively create and edit user profiles in the frontend - see MB User Profile - Create frontend user profile forms for WordPress - Meta Box.




wsForm might be worth looking at for ideas.

I do not like captchas. That’s why a simple question-answer field would make me happy.


I would not want Cwicly team to focus too much on a form builder, not at this time at least. Basic forms should be enough for most use cases and if anyone needs something specific they can go for the dedicated solutions. This topic can turn Cwicly :laughing: into a very time consuming feature.
Develop a simple form solution, and later on when most of the main development slows down, you can develop something more specific.


Bricks Builder and Breakdance have a native form builder that you can see what they are doing. The Breakdance form builder looks pretty nice, to be honest although Bricks is no slouch either.

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It would definitely be advantageous to most customers if the Cwicly team would focus on a fully functional field/form builder, as soon as possible.
IMHO, the basic building block of any website is a log-in/out, registration and forgot-password form that will work 100% natively within Cwicly.
In addition without a full fledged form builder to support dynamic custom fields (ex. JetFormBuilder), ACF’s functionality would be pretty much rendered useless without front end custom post submission forms. (ex. Real estate, classifieds, etc)

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As a reference example of a high-performance form plugin, I would suggest WS Form.
It is very customizable and convenient, with deep integration with all WordPress fields, including metadata and ACF.

The unique form plugin are very attractive, but as others have said, they should be a low priority.
I think that the developer’s resources should be invested in other basic or more advanced features of a site builder rather than that.

I think the form builder should be the lowest priority in the feature requests as there are countless of plugins out there for the same.


Apart from the outdated UI and below-average UX, it is indeed the most powerful form tool.

But it’s a trade-off when you use it.
You’d better use some of its complex features to justify it.
When I used it the last time, a simple form came with 300kb+, but I guess it’s because everything is loaded every time, no matter what.

I have no doubt the code base is well optimized, but the massive size made me drop it.
The generated HTML code was pretty decent as well, as far as I remember.
If they would only load on front-end what’s needed (Cwicly-like), it still would be my go-to.

Cwicly should focus on a simple and robust form block.
Some advanced features could be added over time, but this needs users’ feedback first, as soon as the block is available, which could be:

  • conditional logic
  • multi-step option

ACF/dynamic integration should be a thing as well, I think this is necessary nowadays.
The entire topic is so complex that it could easily snack tons of development resources.

I appreciate any additional feature inside Cwicly, as long as it makes sense and overall performance won’t suffer.
But the beauty of WordPress is its modularity, right?
If one needs something more specific, it most likely already exists in some form.


As for loading, the following plug-ins control whether to load each page or post.
However, I don’t think it can handle CTAs that are at the bottom of every page.

I expect Cwicly’s own form functionality to be lightweight and highly customizable.
As you say, it seems like a good idea to implement universal features at first, and then gradually add more advanced features based on feedback.

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Would like to have an ACF frontend form (submit, edit and delete Custom Post Types) to create a simple dashboard for customers as Paul from WPTuts explained with Elementor. Would be nice :blush::pray:


With ACF Frontend we alo need ACF nested repeater!

since cwicly intergrate with acf, maybe you take look at ACF Frontend Admin pro plugin, it’s functions which i think are very good.

this one can move to soon la . :clap: :clap: :clap:

@qiang814k As much as we want the form builder, other features have a higher priority. We can compensate for the form builder with a plugin. Can’t do the same for other features.

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