Form builder

A form builder is absolutely necessary for Cwicly and is being worked on. Feel free to let us know what features you would like to have in this form builder (conditions, newsletter etc.)

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The compatibility with GPPR plugins.
As far as I’m concerned, I use " Ultimate GDPR & CCPA" by CreateIT.

Good point!
Adding this to our checkpoints.

I would love to have webhooks for the form builder so we can send the information to any service. I use Pabbly so connecting my client’s cwicly site to their newsletter service (Acumbamail) is paramount.

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This might go without saying, but I hope to see some convergence between the Cwicly form builder and Woocommerce product options functionality. I’m thinking specifically of a relative equivalent to Gravity Forms Product Add-ons and Formidable Forms Pro Woocommerce Integration.

Also, we can’t forget about PDF export, email autoresponders, and payment gateway integrations (at least Stripe,, and PayPal).