Form builder

another plugin also good solution for the users of cwicly. if so , will be similar way of acf, they are two plugin either(acf, and ACF Frontend). if cwicly have form builder , this will be the most powerful tool as i seen for now.

with form builder, it is most close to the vision of cwicly, “do anything without coding”!

I never success finalize a site without any code. :crazy_face:

Don’t know any tool which is closer to real no-code than Cwicly, thanks to Relative Styling and Interactions - even outside the WP universe.
Sure, few parts are still missing.
But that’s totally fine. Cwicly isn’t even 1 year old.

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Conditional logic to show/hide classes based on the selected input.

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As quick as possible: a login form and a contact form.

Otherwise, you should have a look and take inspiration from the Crocoblock ‘s Jetformbuilder: at the beginning, it was a part of the JetEngine plugin, and, now, it is a standalone one.

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