First, thank you for developping this great tool that I am just getting to use and learn.

I have been using the Font set, uploading .woff2 fonts and it works great.
Although when I do a Lighthouse report on my website in development it is reporting that the font-display should be set to swap in order to ensure text remains visible during webfont load.

This should be an easy fix that would boost performances a bit at very little cost.
Thank you in advance for looking into this matter.



Hey @JuGa.

Did you make sure to set the display property to swap when uploading your font set inside the modal?
This is already available and of course can be changed at any time to another value.

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Thanks @Marius for such a prompt answer.
Thank you! Thas was my missing part! There are so many things to learn while using this tool… I missed these options and can change them now! Awesome! I guess I should remove this thread from that category. My apologize and thank you again!

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Well after adjusting the display, the Lighthouse report still flags the same thing…

There are several potential reasons why this could happen.
Is there any live site available, so I could check things quickly?

Well now it is not flaging it anymore.
Thank you!

I moved the thread to Getting started and set your first answer as solution, let me know if there is sowmthing else I should do about this thread and thank you again.

Glad it’s been solved @JuGa.

If you face any issues or have questions in the process of exploring Cwicly, don’t hesitate to return to this place.

Many helpful people around here :v:

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I can tell indeed! Pretty impressive! Reminds me of the best early times of the web when we (well for those who were there then) were all sharing our knowledge and helping each other on forums.
Greatly appreciated!