Error when trying to access an object in a repeater on an options page

I get an error message when I try to access an object block placed in a repeater field.


The repeater is in an options page!

I can access other objects in option pages without any problems.


The error occurs when I try to select the object in the field with the dynamic content.


Setting a link from this object also works without any problems.


Is this a bug? Am I doing something wrong?

Browser: Firefox
WordPress version: 6.3.1
Cwicly Plugin version:

Hi @T-low,

Sorry to hear you’re experiencing trouble with this!

Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to reproduce this error on my end.

Could you possibly check for any errors in your browser console log?

Thank you in advance.

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Hi @Araminta,

I get a console log error: ReferenceError: convertToTitleCase is not defined

Was able to reproduce this on a clean install.

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Here a little update:

My Gif XD (5)

08:55:33.621 ReferenceError: convertToTitleCase is not defined
    options http://localhost/Websites/testsite/wp-content/plugins/cwicly/build/index.js?ver=
    k http://localhost/Websites/testsite/wp-content/plugins/cwicly/build/index.js?ver=
    wt http://localhost/Websites/testsite/wp-includes/js/dist/vendor/react-dom.min.js?ver=18.2.0:10
    vr http://localhost/Websites/testsite/wp-includes/js/dist/vendor/react-dom.min.js?ver=18.2.0:10
    js http://localhost/Websites/testsite/wp-includes/js/dist/vendor/react-dom.min.js?ver=18.2.0:10
    wl http://localhost/Websites/testsite/wp-includes/js/dist/vendor/react-dom.min.js?ver=18.2.0:10
    bl http://localhost/Websites/testsite/wp-includes/js/dist/vendor/react-dom.min.js?ver=18.2.0:10
    yl http://localhost/Websites/testsite/wp-includes/js/dist/vendor/react-dom.min.js?ver=18.2.0:10
    il http://localhost/Websites/testsite/wp-includes/js/dist/vendor/react-dom.min.js?ver=18.2.0:10
    fl http://localhost/Websites/testsite/wp-includes/js/dist/vendor/react-dom.min.js?ver=18.2.0:10
    Nn http://localhost/Websites/testsite/wp-includes/js/dist/vendor/react-dom.min.js?ver=18.2.0:10
    dl http://localhost/Websites/testsite/wp-includes/js/dist/vendor/react-dom.min.js?ver=18.2.0:10
    V http://localhost/Websites/testsite/wp-includes/js/dist/vendor/react-dom.min.js?ver=18.2.0:10
    Je http://localhost/Websites/testsite/wp-includes/js/dist/vendor/react-dom.min.js?ver=18.2.0:10
    pe http://localhost/Websites/testsite/wp-includes/js/dist/vendor/react-dom.min.js?ver=18.2.0:10
    fe http://localhost/Websites/testsite/wp-includes/js/dist/vendor/react-dom.min.js?ver=18.2.0:10
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Thank you for the console log error and detailed screencast, @T-low!

We now understand where the error is coming from, and will have a fix for this as soon as possible.

Thank you for your patience, and apologies for the inconvenience.

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User error on my part - my issues went away when I picked a preview record.

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Once again, thank you for bringing this up @T-low!

With 1.3, this should now be fixed.
Please let us know if this is the case on your end.

Thank you.

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