Please make sure you backup your installation before updating to this latest release

  • New: Cwicly Components https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sxJNRcbL_Kk

  • Improvement: Cwicly interface consistency with the WordPress Editor

  • Improvement: Updated icon packs

  • Fix: 'cwicly/query/args' filter will now apply to Frontend Rendering queries

  • Fix: Deprecated cwicly_font_cols option was not available for users, resulting in a error on the backend

  • Fix: Nested Query block context would lead to an infinite loop

  • Fix: Global Styles typography modification would lead to crash on specific properties (white-space, overflow-wrap, word-break and word-spacing)

  • Fix: Repeater field selection would sometimes lead to editor crash because of missing function

  • Fix: Cwicly Header Toolbar would sometimes not load on the Site Editor or between post type changes

  • Fix: Removing a Relative Style would remove adjacent Relative Style properties relating to icon colour

  • Fix: CSS generation within the Site Editor would not apply when editing other post types than Templates and Template Parts